What is holistic skincare?

Holistic skincare is characterized by products containing almost 100% natural ingredients such as herbs, plant extracts, phytonutrients, antioxidants and essential oils.

Our Mission

The Melanin Nurse specializes in DIY (Do It Yourself) Holistic Skincare.  Having a background in nursing and performing wound care for the last few years made it easy to transition into educating customers on achieving healthier skin, the toxin-free lifestyle way.  Throughout the years, I've always gotten compliments on my skin and have often been asked what products or routines I use to achieve this.  The comments and questions have been the inspiration for me to sell a range of holistic skincare ingredients that I personally use and customize.

This includes handcrafted plant-based masks, butters, oils, diffusers, hand sanitizers and many more DIY concoctions made from all natural ingredients.  I do not just sell products...I also educate our community on the importance of living a toxin-free lifestyle.  We hold classes in our skincare studio and show clients how to make facial masks and other DIY mixtures from scratch. I teach and explain the benefits of plant-based skincare vs commercialized products you see on store shelves.  Most people don't actually know how to create recipes at home and I am here to promote healthier skin with natural methods.  Come join The Melanin Nurse movement today and enjoy all the benefits that a plant-based lifestyle can bring you.

The Melanin Nurse

Let The Melanin Nurse be your guide on a skincare journey to flawless, natural, and healthy.