Deep Green Clay Infused Bath: 

  1. Run your hot filled bath, only to the temperature you can actually tolerate. This hot bath will assist with promoting good circulation to your body.
  2. Mix 2 cups of French Green Clay into your bath but make sure the clay remains thick enough to stick to your body in the tub. You may need to add additional clay to your bath depending on the size of your tub.
  3. Swirl the clay around in the tub to ensure all of the clay is infused with your hot water.
  4. If you have Pure Argan Oil or Pure Sweet Almond Oil you can add 1/2 cup to your bath. Please note that this is for an extra benefit you can use the clay by itself as well.
  5. Soak your body in the infused clay bath for 18-20 min and try to cover your full body while soaking.
  6. After this step, run the shower to rinse off with warm to cool water to close up your pores for the best results.
  7. Your skin may be dry after this bath after detoxifying, apply your natural body oil of choice to assist with this.
  8. You can repeat this infused clay bath to detoxify your body 1-2 times per week or as desired.


  • Cover your drain to avoid clogging from clumps from the clay.
  • Avoid soaking your body for extended periods of time, this may cause you to over detox and become nauseous.
  •  Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your clay bath, this is recommended to keep you hydrated throughout the detoxification process.
  • Avoid Jojoba fo blackheads

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