Mango Butter can help reduce the appearance of psoriasis and eczema with consistent use here's why



You may or may not have heard of Mango Butter or Shea Butter but by the end of this article, you will understand the benefits of using this to your advantage with psoriasis.  These cold processed plant-based ingredients are the secret to minimizing your severe eczema and/or psoriasis. Many people around the world known or unknown express their very own struggle with treating psoriasis and it can be extremely painful to watch to a loved one suffer from this. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that can manifest in all areas of your body. Severe Eczema is when your skin becomes very itchy and inflamed. Why is it that people are so afraid to try plant-based alternatives vs. a treating physician’s prescription? Many display fears of self-treatment, outside of the normal way to treat their complicated skin problems. Here are some facts about some alternatives that will help your eczema and psoriasis naturally.


You have to stay moisturized

 The number one rule to treating both eczema and psoriasis is staying moisturized.  It’s also extremely important to know which moisturizers to avoid. If you could keep the three layers of your skin deeply moisturized for hours at a time using a rich balm would you give it a try? Think about that for a second. Both Mango Butter and Shea Butter are made without chemicals. That would cause unnecessary reactions ultimately resulting in a more severe breakout.  These heal all kinds of butter are packed with the richest vitamins and nutrients on earth. At our company ( we provide you both Shea Butter and Mango Butter in high-quality glass packaging that reserves the benefit of each product. Take a look at this article in our lifestyle section highlighting some reasons why plastic should be avoided

This makes it easier for you to reduce the appearance of eczema and psoriasis by knowing you're using a top-shelf product line that cares about every detail. The lipids from the plastic can ruin the benefits of your products no matter which company you are using. Do you know if your losing benefits based on the packaging of the current company you are utilizing? Staying moisturized is your top priority to make sure all your basis is covered with the correct packaging and details. During the. Winter months especially your skin can become dryer causing itchiness, redness, and sores amongst the manifested areas on your body parts.


Avoid ingredients that will cause you a flare up

There are currently 1,300 ingredients in both Canada and the UK that are banned for use, while the United States has only banned 11.“Many Americans are unaware that they are absorbing untested and unsafe chemicals in their products,” said Alex Bergstein, a state senator who was mentioned here

That’s an alarming difference that many Americans are so unaware of. Did you know that there is no regulation for the absorbing of unsafe chemicals or product safety before companies are allowed to sell them to you? People are so quick to just pick up products of the shelves without even thinking twice about what is going to be absorbed directly into their bloodstream.  Here are a few ingredients that you should be cautious of with psoriasis or eczema:


  • Sodium Laureth (or lauryl) sulfate or Ammonium lauryl sulfateThis ingredient can be found in the majority of your everyday shampoos. The Sulfates are the ingredients responsible for the creamy-foams lather that people believe is what is cleaning their bodies. This ingredient cause redness and irritation for people suffering from skin challenges.
  • Alcohol should be avoided because it will dry you out. Avoid ingredients with products containing alcohol. Heavily scented fragrances are also not a great idea.  These can all be irritating to your skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil should be avoided if you have psoriasis or eczema since the outcome has been a 50/50 chance. Some people have an allergic reaction, and some find relief. To avoid taking a chance we suggest avoid this altogether.

Tips for psoriasis and eczema sufferers

  1. Protect your skin at all time as if it is your code. Especially, during your most sensitive times of the year depending on the degree of your climate.
  2. Winter months increase the amount of moisturizer that you put on your body. Take hot baths instead of showers. Wears extra clothing to protect your skin.
  3. Avoid smoking and only drink occasionally
  4. Eat foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to assist with reducing inflammation. This. Could include a few servings of a variety of fishes such as tuna or salmon.
  5. Avoid Stress because it can trigger your symptoms. Try using one of our MN oils such as Sweet Almond Oil for an at-home massage.
  6. Replenish your body by being a regular water drinker. Your skin is the largest organ in your body it needs to be hydrated.


Benefits of Mango Butter:

- dryness relief from eczema and psoriasis

-reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity

- will hydrate your skin for a long period of time

-lightens age and sun damage spots

-tightens skin 

-known for healing eczema, rashes, irritations and generally, bringing back a healthy tone to the skin.

-penetrates deep into skin and aids in healing muscle aches and tensions.


 Benefits of Shea Butter:

-locks in 7+ hours of moisture

-minimizes irritation caused by environmental factors

-absorbs very quickly for a flare up relief 

-helps reduce sore muscles

-no documented cases of shea butter allergies

- plant based and 100% safe



Here is a list of additional products from The Melanin Nurse that can assist with Eczema or Psoriasis relief: 

Sweet Almond Oil:

Mango Butter:

Shea Butter:

Virgin Neem:

Jojoba Oil:

Pistachio Nut Oil:

Avocado Oil:

Grapeseed Oil:



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