I can’t believe this very inexpensive super scrub was this easy to make while giving me the exfoliation I need for the week! I decided to give myself more of a deep vigorous cleansing so, in this video, I did not add any coconut oil. If you are looking to soften up this scrub, add 1/4 cup of Virgin Coconut Oil. This is a very inexpensive alternative and one batch in an 8oz jar could last you a few weeks (keep refrigerated).



1 cup of Turbinado Sugar

1/4 cup of Sweet Almond Oil - The Melanin Nurse Oil Collection

8-9 drops of Geranium Essential Oil -The Melanin Nurse Oil Collection

Mixing Bowl

Wood Spoon

8 oz glass closable jar



1. Add your Turbinado Sugar to an 8oz glass jar. Turbinado Sugar is widely recognized as vegan 🌱 because it does not make contact with any animals throughout the production. This Sugar has large granules, making the exfoliating mask intense.

2. Add 1/4 cup Sweet Almond Oil to your scrub. This will help your skin maintain its elasticity while adding Vitamins E and K to help with your skin’s regeneration.

3. Mix the Sweet Almond Oil and Turbinado Sugar together until the Sugar is completely covered with Oil.

4. Add 8-9 drops of Geranium Essential Oil to help relax your restless nerves. Geranium is a natural alternative to reduce anxiety and depression. This can also be used topically or in aromatherapy.

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