Hello to everyone out there!  We wanted to discuss the topic of Argan oil and show what it can do for you.  Many people are unfamiliar with Argan oil or have only seen it mentioned in passing on shampoo bottles and cosmetic labels.  We are going to shed a little light today on this frequently mentioned oil.

Argan oil is derived from nuts of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa), which is native to a specific region in Morocco.  Known as Morocco's Liquid Gold, it has been used and traded in the Mediterranean region since at least 600 B.C.  Today, it is still derived using a labor intensive technique that dates back centuries.  This work is usually performed by all-female based collectives in the semidesert Sous valley, located in the southwest of Morocco.  The income has helped to raise the standard of living for the Berber women that produce the oil and allowed their children the opportunities of an education.

There are numerous health benefits to incorporating Argan oil in your daily regimen.  It is rich in essential fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), filled with antioxidants and is a great source of Vitamin E and A.  These properties make it great for promoting healthy skin and hair.  Argan oil is also non-comedogenic, which is great for acne sufferers.  Due to its mildness, it also makes for a great carrier oil for your own Do It Yourself mixes and concoctions.  People suffering from nut allergies should avoid using Argan oil.

Here are just five simple ways you can use the versatile Argan oil in your cleansing and moisturizing routine.

1) Use as a hair mask overnight.  Massage a liberal amount of oil into your tips, hair and scalp.  Wrap your hair in a towel to protect your pillow.  Wash out in the morning with your preferred shampoo.  Enjoy your refreshed, voluminous hair.

2) Dab a few drops and massage directly onto your face and neck to moisturize.  Make sure you perform your regular cleanse beforehand for best results.  Again, nut allergy sufferers should avoid using Argan oil.

3) Rub a few drops into into your cuticles to promote nail growth.  You can also moisturize sore and cracked heels by generously applying to your feet, covering with socks and going to bed.  Wake up with soft, moisturized feet. 

4) Apply a few drops to your scalp, hair and tips to use throughout the day as a leave-in conditioner after your shower.  Blow drying and straightening can dry out your hair, so make sure to rehydrate.

5) Use as an all purpose moisturizer throughout your body.  Pay attention to any problem areas and supplement throughout the day.

So as you can see, Argan oil is useful and can be easily incorporated into the various daily routines you probably already have.  Thanks for reading and check out our 100% Pure Argan Oil in the link below!


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