You're afraid to make your own skincare products with natural ingredients but you buy untested chemicals and skincare products off the shelf?




Ladies and gentlemen, let's discuss this. Why are we not so worried about having safer cosmetics in the United States? Do we just not care anymore? I am starting to see more and more people become aware of the many mishaps regarding our FDA cosmetic regulation. There are currently only 11 ingredients in the US that are banned from being used. Other places, such as Canada, the European Union,  and  Japan all have much more strict regulations regarding the safety of there residents.  The E.U. has 1,328 ingredients banned compared to the 11 here in the United States. Now I am not sure about you but to me that was alarming. On The Melanin Nurse platform, I want to bring awareness to the various products that are unsafe on the market.  Check out these webpages provided to start educating yourself on these topics. 


U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

"The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act does not require cosmetic products and ingredients to be approved by FDA before they go on the market, except for color additives that are not intended for use as coal tar hair dyes. However, they must be safe for consumers under labeled or customary conditions of use. Companies and individuals who market cosmetics have a legal responsibility for the safety of their products and ingredients."

FDA statement on cosmetic ingredients:

Safe Cosmetics Campaign:

This company is dedicated to providing safe products to the public. They have really informative articles. Go check them out


Here are a few examples of ingredients to avoid by checking your labels:


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: This is an extremely popular ingredient, that is responsible for the foam and bubbly lather in your body washes, cleansers, and shampoos. This a known skin irritant. This ingredient can strip your skin of its natural oils. This can cause a reaction, dry skin, and irritation. People with sensitive skin should avoid this unnecessary product.

Phthalates: This ingredient can be found in multiple everyday skincare, haircare, nail polish, and plastic products. Why is this ingredient alarming? This ingredient is banned in Canada and the EU due to links of cancer and hormonal disruption. 

Petroleum: This ingredient is better known as vaseline, especially in the black community. Most of us grew up using this all the time. The truth is we were not in the know and lack of education about the ingredient caused us to continue using it. This is ingredient indeed works great at keeping your skin moisturized, there is no doubt about that. However, with long term use of petroleum this product has been linked to cancer and marked as "questionable" around the world. This product is banned in the EU but still openly available in the US at just about every drug and grocery store. 

Hydroquinone: This is the ingredient found in products claiming to brighten and lighten your skin. This is known as a facial skincare ingredient. This product is banned in both the EU and Japan. Unfortunately, the USA did not follow other countries and it's still out on the market today.  This product is what they call cytotoxic, which means it will kill cells and chromosomes when they are overused. Plus, this ingredient can also lead to cancer.

Fragrance: This ingredient is used in the majority of our everyday beauty supplies. The fragrance in your products is responsible for the numerous scents we all love so much.   This ingredient can be found in your skincare, haircare, and make products. Most companies do not disclose what "fragrance" they are using. This is why they are technically getting away with not telling you the full list of ingredients. Think about it. Whenever your see fragrance added that can mean that 10 to 100 chemicals may be added to that product. This ingredient can lead to endocrine disruption and cancer.

Propyl Paraben: This Ingredient along with the rest of the paraben family can be found in skincare, haircare and makeup products. Be cautious of this ingredient. Parabens can reduce fertility and this ingredient is very similar to estrogen hormones.  This can disrupt your body's normal hormonal balance. Europe has also banned this product due to studies showing parabens being found in the breast. Yikes!!!



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