Quick and easy vegan meals that will make your transition that much easier

There are a TON of health benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. From healthy bones, to heart health, and a lower risk of developing certain cancers, veganism can seem pretty tempting to someone who's considering making changes to their diet.

If you're goal is to eat plant-based, experts suggests to not start cold turkey. Rather, slowly replace meat products with non-meat, plant-based products until you've made the complete transition. If you're wondering where to start, I've scoured the internet for top vegan blogs and recipes. Here are a few meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because let's be honest: we need options, and the tastier, the better! 


1. Fluffy Vegan Pancakes 

2. Blueberry Oatmeal Waffles 

3. Baked Blueberry Doughnuts 


4. Thai Tempeh Buddha Bowl 

5. Delicious Vegan Battered 'Fish' Tacos 


6. Southwestern Pasta Salad 

7. Greek Pasta Salad with Easy Greek Vinaigrette 


8. Kale, Black Bean & Avocado Burrito Bowl 

9. Laura's Burrito-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 


10. Sticky Ginger Sesame Tofu and Veggies 

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