I don’t know about you, but I use plastic all the time, everyday. From my Tupperware containers to the water bottles I drink out of, plastic use has become such a huge part of my life. My carbon footprint is probably as big as the state of Texas!

I promise I’m not bragging about this. I’m actually in the process of making some changes to my plastic use. Heavy plastic use is putting a huge strain not only on the environment, but several studies show that a component of plastic can be found in the bloodstream of humans.

Plastic is bad for the environment 

Although recycling has been a household habit for decades , a recent study found that only 8% of all plastic is actually recycled. This means that the un-recycled plastics are being thrown in landfills…but here’s the thing: plastic is not biodegradable. It can only be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces. Underneath the thousands of landfills in the United States, toxic chemicals from plastics drain out and seep into groundwater, eventually flowing into lakes and rivers. 

And let’s not even mention the effect of plastic on wildlife. Some animals get entangled in it, some mistake it for food and feed it to their young, and it can be found in our oceans, lakes and rivers, affecting the wildlife that live in them. 

Plastic affects human health 

As a result of how much plastic we use on a daily basis, plastics and its additives are present in our bloodstream and urine. Ouch! Research thus far has not explained the effect of the presence of plastic in the human body, but research suggests that newborns and nursing mothers are at a higher risk of absorbing toxic chemicals from plastics. 

 Is my skin affected by using skin care products bottled in plastic?

There isn’t a known study that suggests a link between skin-related issues and the use of plastic. But here’s something to consider before buying skin care products contained in plastic: when we use lotions or oils, our skin absorbs everything—both natural ingredients and chemicals. Many plastic bottles contain the ingredient bisphenol (BPA). This chemical has been linked to breast cancer cell growth. 

Studies have not suggested any risks from using plastic-contained skincare products on a short-term basis. The risks are higher if these products are used over an extended period of time. 

Products sold on The Melanin Nurse are 100% natural and are contained only in glass bottles and containers`. 

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