Our Vision

Achieve a healthier and happier skin with The Melanin Nurse: your one-stop-shop for natural bath and body, facial and aromatherapy products...all made with the highest quality organic and raw ingredients.  Beauty starts from within and no one knows this better than the skincare experts at The Melanin Nurse.  We specialize in organic beauty and bath and body products, designed to be gentle to the skin and 100% safe, giving you a luxurious experience without putting your health at risk.  We harness the power of nature and bring it to your doorstep with our extensive range of organic soaps, body butters, raw clays, beard care, aromatherapy products and essential oils.  

Your average beauty product is packed with dangerous and harmful chemicals such as parabens, toxins, silicones and perfumes that can irritate the skin, clog the pores and put your health and beauty at risk.  We at The Melanin Nurse strive to help our clients find the cleanest, purest and safest natural products.  These are all made with premium raw ingredients and unique formulas that nourish the skin from within and protect it against the effects of the sun and exposure to various chemicals.

Apart from helping you find the right skin, bath, body, face and aromatherapy products to protect your skin, we also strive to educate our customers and show them the benefits of natural products.  Thanks to our wide network of partners, we are able to source the highest quality organic products from every corner of the world.  To ensure your 100% satisfaction, we hand-select each product that we offer and carefully vet our selections to ensure they are free of any harmful substances, toxic chemicals or irritants.

We currently carry a complete line of top quality organic body butters, raw clays, handmade soaps, beard washes, conditioners, oils, waxes, scrubs, as well as essential oils and custom diffusers for aromatherapy.  The Melanin Nurse is also proud to announce that we also offer Zaq’s Ultrasonic Luxury Aromatherapy diffusers, designed to transform your home into a sanctuary of tranquillity.

The results? A cleaner, healthier, glowing skin and radiance that begins on the inside.  Browse The Melanin Nurse’s wide selection of custom formulas, handmade bath & body products, facial and men care, and essential oils...all of which are created with raw ingredients and your health and safety in mind.