MN Signature Sea Salt Scrub
MN Signature Sea Salt Scrub
MN Signature Sea Salt Scrub

MN Signature Sea Salt Scrub

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The Signature scrubs come in an 8oz glass jar in the following scents:

Sai is a luxurious mixture of vanilla and sandalwood. This is a very earthy and laid-back scent.

Coco Soul is a perfect combination of coconut and vanilla. This is a very light and feel good scent without being overwhelming.

Elliott is a mysterious floral scent without being overpowering. This scent is very bright and uplifting.

Harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel, this sea salt scrub is packed with a multitude of minerals, making it the ideal exfoliant for any body type. Simply rub the salt scrub in a circular motion all over your body during your shower and enjoy a smoother, softer and more radiant skin. Choose from the three refreshing scents and turn your bathroom into your very own personal spa.

Directions: Start off by wetting your skin in the shower or bath. Letting the shower run for 5 or 10 minutes creates a steam room effect, which allows for your pores to open up and maximizes the effects of exfoliation. Using a circular motion, apply the salt scrub all over your body, rinse and reap the rewards of healthier skin.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Sea Salt, scented with essential oils.

This product is not tested on animals, is handmade in the USA and is distributed by The Melanin Nurse, Inc.  This product contains Tree Nut Oils and Natural Botanicals.  Allergy sufferers should test before use.